hiiiii lawll.
heres the basics

  • call me oven or ven
  • she/her
  • 20 yo
  • competitive splatoon player (div 7/6?)
  • aroace
  • adhd inattentive presentation
  • uni student
    • computer science major
    • women & gender studies minor
    • user experience design minor
  • us midwest
  • leftist
  • chronic poster

lets bring it back down to earth..

le webmaster

i like to define myself as a chill and understanding guy.. other awesome words include optimistic, cluttered, passionate, and maybe even funny (but not right now im being too earnest). i spend a lot of time at my computer chatting with friends & playing games. nothing too special but i enjoy being a desk kid. adhd defines much of my life--much like my website i am an active work in progress.!!💙💚💛

le site

this website is like a collage to me, just mashing together every aspect of myself and everything that i love, things i didnt create and things i did all together under my own structure and made to be my personal eyecandy. its a way for me to express myself, practice my web dev and composition skills, and compile a bunch of stuff in one place. its an extension of myself and its for myself :}

this website, hosted on neocities, was first created june 23 2022 with no html/css experience. a major overhaul (2.0) was published november 27 2023.

current mood:


some of my favorite things
  • games
    • see the image below lol
  • music
    • talking heads
    • anamanaguchi
    • 2 mello
    • red vox
  • comics/manga/etc
    • unbelievable gwenpool
    • chainsaw man
    • fire punch
    • watchmen
  • streamers
    • vargskelethor
    • grayfruit
    • wayneradiotv
    • vinesauce
    • jerma
    • jabroni mike
    • berggren
    • i watch a lot of people but thats the core cast..
      i like my streams chill
  • foods/drinks
    • lemonade!!!!!
    • apples
    • lo mein
    • penne rosa
    • cheeseburger..
things i collect?
  • pokemon cards (i have a serious collection)
  • hats
  • itemlabel characters
  • aliens

blah blah blah

heres images i think relate to me in some way and/or favorite images.holy fuck this page is so wip

from https://www.tumblr.com/beachsideufo/734648753972215808
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