collectables made by me are f2u with or without credit, id prefer if you didnt hotlink
sources are in alt text when applicable
many of the blinkies were made in
many collectables ive made to link elsewhere, so click around!
collectables are kind of organized in places and kind of not. who give a shit


YOU CAN EAT GLUMBOCOIN glumbo bobs baby alex baldwin ancient chinese finger trap glumbo among us who gives a shit about the home row glumbo <- glumbo investor

fuck you im aromantic; from

i love my ... computer; from

zombies bite back; from gay zombie; from

blinkies have rotted my brain; from

spongebob staring; from

blue lava; from green lava; from lime and blue lava; from dark green and blue lava; from blue zigzag; from green zigzag; from lime zigzag; from
HSPD Enforcer; from
the lost; from holy mantle; from tainted lost; from holy card; from godhead; from jacob & esau are fun; from birthright; from what's yours is mine; from bag of crafting hearts; from bag of crafting pickups; from bag of crafting hearts continued; from tainted cain no destiny; from
mad scientist; from in the lab; from science luvr; from worm
eyestrain luvr

abolish prisons rainbow dash; from
GEE, THANKS peridot
team mint choco; from

sheldon fan; by my friend francess ( from harmony fan; by my friend francess ( from team sour; from

fren; this user eats chips for dinner; from grayfruit SAND FLIES MOLDED SLICK remember hidden block?; from
i want to believe; from otherworldly creature blue; from otherworldly creature green; from otherworldly creature black; from


you know who it is; from city starts; by storm lover; by rainbow blue baby; adapted from opila bird money store; from nichijou; from peridot x knuckles; from peridot shorts; from gundham tanaka; from kiibo; from pearl; from squid girl; from one punch man; from lemons; from aliens; from the splatoon community is not bad; from sane gamer; from katamari this is how i roll; from scribblenauts; from starfy; from i support pacman; from rayman i cant turn this thing off it keeps following me; from buff correll adhd; from free birds wanna break from the ads; from i love making stamps; from egc villains of gaming pjackk dinner; from spore galaxy; from grox; from gir noelle; from gir noelle; from


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