this is the first text box. hiii
welcome to webs ite; powered by procrastination!

this is the extreme WIP 2.0 version of my site. its public because im slow to work on it and want to share anyway! dont mind the mess.. ill make a mobile vers & low-eyestrain vers at some point lawl

🛸 check the taskbar for page navigation 🛸


June 29 2024

  • 6/24
    • fran meetup just ended... sob. using the changelog like a blog
    • added a bunch of collectables. made a new section on collectables page to put some blinkies i had made that are made for other people
  • 6/29
    • added more collectables
    • added three site buttons to the site page
    • removed a couple pokemon from the homepage.. i feel like the volume of pkmn graphics compared to how passionate i am about pkmn is a little off rn. they'll find other homes later as my website expands.
    • added another jellyfish to the homepage. honestly might be too many jellies but thats okay jellies are cool
    • added a bunny to the sites page

May 25 2024

  • 5/3
    • changed/added some text on the about page
    • moved the taskbar-buddies on the friends page because i want to add 9 little kauhuhirviös but im going to bed right now and making room for them is going to remind me to add them later. ok
  • 5/13
    • added those 9 kauhuhirviös
    • added some collectables
    • added reuniclus, chinchou, xurkitree, lotad, and cradily to homepage
  • 5/25
    • i got aesprite recently (thank you aqua!) and ive been on a huge blinkie making kick. so i added a few original blinkies {:
    • got the collectables filtering system working!!! (once again thank you aqua.....)

April 8 2024

  • 4/7
    • added some collectables and site buttons
    • added my neocities profile link to the about page
    • added another bunny to the site buttons page taskbar
    • started working on a function that shows you only my favorite collectables
    • added more graphics to homepage, including tentacruel, an octopus, some planets, and a wonderful css alien ball that i had made a while ago but never implemented. shits starting to look gooood

April 6 2024

  • 4/6
    • added a site button
    • removed the audio controls from the pages bc theyre out of place and its easier to just mute the tab anyway. they'll be back eventually
    • fixed the chatbox so that it sizes correctly
    • continued major rehaul of the index, including removing those placeholder wxp windows on the side
    • added some more graphics to the homepage including a big ass drawing

April 5 2024

  • 2/19
    • added a chatbox to the homepage
    • began kind of reworking the homepage's html a little. mainly removed the left boxes. this is a pain in the ass.
    • added Chaos to my character bingo because i frogot it.
  • 2/29
    • added a couple site buttons, stamps
  • 3/3
    • moved my site buttons to the site button page lol.
    • removed the music player div from the index because i have plans for a universal music player on the taskbar {:
    • added a fren to the homepage taskbar & removed the noise because tbh i have way too many pizza tower sprites on the site rn
  • 4/5

    ive been busy as fuckkkkkk finishing up my courses. anyway.

    • added some collectables
    • removed some of the images from the about page
    • stared at the homepage for a while longer trying to bugfix something
    • changed some text on the about page
    • ok im seriously sick of trying to fix this i want the update to be out already im just gonna push it whatever

feb 14 2024

  • 2/13
    • ive been busy and sick! anyway i added up-to-date fave character bingo and fave game chart to about page + some other images
    • animated the gifs on the taskbar on the about page! they run now at last
    • adjusted something visually on the about header
    • worked more on building the base content for about page. added "current mood" box
  • 2/14
    • wrestled for a long time with backdrop-blur on the about page. lost the fight.
    • added some 3d transformations to the about page
    • added some more content to the about page that ill probably rework later
    • refined some content on the about page but its still rough

feb 8 2024

  • 2/5
    • rearranged some buttons on the collectables page
    • added some collectables and site buttons
  • 2/6
    • added a bunch of collectables and some site buttons
    • started on my about page!
  • 2/7
    • added some site buttons
    • A LOT more work on the about page. at the expense of my computer science homework
  • 2/8
    • little tweaks on the about page. i think its fine to upload as a WIP for now ^-^

feb 3 2024

  • 1/31
    • added a couple sources for collectables (its an ongoing process)
    • began plans for a new page
    • made an orb to contain an alien. havent put it anywhere on the site yet
  • 2/1
    • made a not_found page accidentally. was fucking around w/ my friend & made that page & it was so stupid i made it my 404, ok?
  • 2/2
    • did a lot of work and basically made a page from start to beginning. its the page for linking my friends & cool sites, i just need to populate it with the buttons now which will take a while
  • 2/3
    • polished the sites linking page! its all good to go now
    • changed some things on the collectables page, like the dividers and the background
    • added some collectables

jan 28 2024

  • 1/24
    • added 3 planets and queen
    • added some more silly text
    • i was supposed to go to bed almost 2 hours ago -_-
  • 1/27
    • added tovari to the taskbar
    • updated the look of the changelog a bit. made the header stay at the top, added a wonderful noita mage, made it longer.
    • added another planet. im a bit hesitant to put all the mason lindroth stuff so close together.. so expect these graphics to be moving around some more (especially as i add more content)
    • CHANGED THE MAIN FONT its Exo2 now ^-^
  • 1/28
    • added a bunch of new collectables

jan 21 2024

compressing the work of a few days into one update because reuploading things to neocities is a hassle lawl
  • 1/16: changed some colors <_<
  • 1/17: added some collectables >_> also changed up the favorite/madebyme borders for collectables to look a little better
  • 1/18: a few visual adjustments. made the changelog look a bit nicer.
  • 1/21: NEW HEADER!!!!!!!! i might change it again soon.
    a couple visual adjustments on the index. moved some stuff around. notably, i realized what was making my waterboxes a bit unevenly placed! still havent managed to get them to be uniformly sized but this is still a win.. i also adjusted their corner radii to look way nicer!
    added some more collectables as well.

jan 14 2024

bleeeehhhh some small visual changes (especially on collectables page), added some collectables.
i wasted a lot of my time making a c'est buisness stamp and a sand flies blinkie lol. ftu.

dec 2 2023

ive gotten a lot of work done on the offline copy of the site and just havent bothered transfering it over yet. however, i just got around to buying the neocities supporter package, so i uploaded my audio folder.
what this means: homepage and collectables page have some background music that plays now, and the hidden stupid.html page is fully functional.
the homepage music player is temporary as i plan to make a more complex music picker out of it, the collectables music player is VERY temporary, and i havent yet added warnings for autoplay (or anything else..). im going to get a custom domain set up soon also.. im gonna get even though its a bit more expensive than and just claim it as an early self-birthday/chrisbmo gift.........
also added some blur to a couple collectables with blood. im planning to have a no-blood setting set up later, but i want the site to be accessible in the lull before i get to it

just so its linked SOMEWHERE on the site, and since its functional now, heres coins.html

nov 28 2023

  • added the changelog
  • changed the icon for the collectables page to be the windows live mail icon (its a stamp!) and the icon for the homepage to the windows 7 home button
  • changed the site icon of the pages to match their taskbar icons
  • changed the taskbar so that an icon only has the glossy texture when youre on that specific page
  • added the img urls to the site button textareas
  • added a couple more collectables and hyperlinks on collectables
  • added my sona and a ufo {:
  • changed some div colors
  • changed some homepage text

nov 27 2023

the 2.0 version of my website is now public! it still has a long way to go and is pretty obviously a WIP, but i thought it was time to finally share it.

my current priority is to get the homepage to be more Whole. something presentable.

cute rotating 3d alien; made by my bestie

chatbox/guestbook! say hi to me

idk what to put here yet man

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